Friday, May 22, 2015

"Hi Andi

 "Hi Andi,
I met you almost a year ago through omegle with a simple usual chat. We went on skype but you gave your Andi account and I naively used my real account. It ended talking around 3AM already. We kept in touch the morning after.
We met the monday after that. On most afternoons, puwede akong mag Honda (On the dot) alis sa office. But on that afternoon, my boss stayed until 6pm, when we were supposed to meet at 6pm as well. I was running late and you decided to go home. I insisted that we still meet, now at your condo common area. Due to persistence, we did, and we had the most amazing chat. We talked so transparently and candidly like we knew each other already for a very long time. I invited you to dinner and we talked even some more. That was the most amazing conversation I ever had.
We went to Luneta Park to watch the dancing fountains and get bitten by mosquito. We went to Mindanao to join a festival. We ate at every restaurant that we could find at Zomato. We played badminton. We tried everything new together. And our sweet conversation never ended since that fateful night at Omegle. And I loved you ever since. "
-Han SOM, Batch 2013

I Cant Take It Anymore!

I was supposed to keep quiet, but after today... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!
Today, I saw a post where a certain someone- let's call that person Kyouhei- was tagged and according to the poster, he was proud of his group for surviving the POM102 defense last Saturday, including Kyouhei.
AS IF! Kyouhei probably didn't do shit for their group. You know why?
Because everyone can see how incompetent he is.
For example, I've heard rumors that his POM group (yes, the same group where the poster was proud of him) threw Kyouhei out for being uncooperative and contributing nothing to their project, and apparently he had the nerve to say it was more ""strategic"" to keep him because ""more manpower"". Yeah, but it's probably underutilized...
You'd think that this incident would be enough of a wakeup call for him.
In his HI166 group, he's the only one reading from the slides. Everyone else can discuss their topics PERFECTLY, while he can't even read Filipino properly. And then he has the nerve to tell the prof it's because the source of the research was English and to try to answer all the questions as if he knew everything! Gee, he just had to read what's on the damned slide and he can't even do that properly, let alone answer complex questions! I'm friends with his groupmates, and they confirm that he didn't do much for this, same for an earlier presentation too.
In our MKT102 group: God, during our mock defense he was so bad THE PROF AND THE WHOLE CLASS COULD TELL HE WAS BAD. It's like he can't even speak English, he keeps on turning his back to the audience (a big no-no!) and he was even talking to another teammate loudly while our groupmate was presenting! Not only that, if I hadn't yelled at him in the cafeteria he wouldn't have bothered to wear the proper dress code! As if that wasn't bad enough, Kyouhei didn't do zilch in editing our 10-page project summary or our 100+-page Final Pass, and everything he did for the previous passes we redid, not just for being wrong, but for having poor grammar and spelling! He never came through with his connections, despite assuring us that he's sure he can get them (I did too, but I reiterated that I wasn't sure I would be able to) and he keeps on saying that the panel only reads the project summary (At this point we just started to ignore him). Oh, and did I mention he's the CEO? <<bashes head against the table>> And he's a senior to the rest of our junior. <<bashes head against the wall>> We tried to talk to our prof about it, but with the defense so soon he can't really do much.
So I beg all of you SOM peeps, DON'T GET HIM AS A GROUPMATE. I beg you, when he approaches you to be your groupmate, RUN AWAY LIKE HELL. JUST. SAY. NO! If he messes up your grades, don't say no one warned you.
How can you tell it's Kyouhei? Well, for starters, he's fat. Secondly, he almost always brings a white bag that's nearly empty and wear collared shirts and shorts. And he talks big and apparently knows everyone.
To you, Kyouhei, I say this: You know who you are. Take me or my friends for granted again and I will not hesitate to unleash all my rage on you. It took me everything I had to not hit you in front of our class during the mock defense. And I've never hated anyone before. But now, thanks to you I now know what it means to be absolutely disgusted and revolted by someone. You are the combination of everything I hate in a person: ugly, stupid, lazy and pig-headed. I'm sure you'll pissed off at me for broadcasting all but your name, but here's the thing: I don't give a flying fuck what you think about me. What I care about is letting people know what to expect from you, so that they know how to avoid you and stop them from messing up their grades. Say goodbye to your free college ride, because after today I doubt anyone will let you be a social loafer."
-WallflowerNoMore, SOM, BS This ain't bullshit, 201X


5 Years Of College Life

"I'm graduating next week; a year late, but better late than never, I guess. Over 5 years I completely lost my appetite for college life. Most of it is bullshit, most of the people are, too. I almost decided not to march out of pure apathy.
Ateneo isn't even that difficult. The only times it got difficult were those times where I actually had to put in some effort. Academic are effortless, I could study on the trike ride to my LT and still score a a B. I've never been after the A, anyway. Could've if I cared.
The only good thing were my friends, I'd say that a lot of my friends have become part of the Ateneo mythos. Some for their famous deeds, and some, including myself, for their infamy.
No, I did not have sex with my sister.
Anyway, most students bored me to death; they don't need to wait till they get a job to become clones of one another because they already are. On top of that most students are hard working, rather than people who possessed of any actual innate intelligence.
Which is why I love my friends, or at least those I consider my friends, because we are the outliers, the too-cool-for-schools, the risk takers, the madmen, the drop outs, and the burn outs. We are the Gods among you. We survived on skill alone, and when we didn't it was only because we didnt care. Good luck to those of us that remain, and, well, the rest, those hollow robots that regurgitate lectures and read off the fucking PowerPoint, they can go fuck themselves and die. "
-MadnessSpeaks, SOM, 2015

I Pass And Graduate

"I cannot wait for graduate school where there are no core subjects. I can finally contribute to the development of the human race.
I need to find a way to wash out all the toxins of History, Filipino, English, Literature, Philosophy and Theology from my brain.
I pass and graduate. I have an entire life ahead of me than Foucault who probably was a homosexual and Dacanay's anti-homosexual ways."
-A homosexual, SOSE, 2015


Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Night Stand

"Hi. I'm a former student of both campus (Caloocan/Manila) but, the last time that I'm enrolled is when I'm in manila. I have this friend of mine that is so sweet. He always care for me. He fetch me wherever I am. He always secure me. But were just only classmate in our NSTP subject. He knows me very much. He accepts me for being who I am and as a whole. Even though I have mistake in my life. Then last year, we got up into a deeper feelings that you know where to go. For short a "one night stand" but then after that we have lost our communication with one other because I transfer into another school. After a month we met again, and it happen again. The problem is that I know in my self that I'm falling with him but I'm scared that our 3 years of friendship will be a trash if I'm going to confess my feelings with him. But now I'm just thinking that on his birthday I'm going to confess my feelings for him. I'm going to face what will happen with our friendship. But still I'll wait for him till he falls for me. Because I know in my self that I love him.

-I hope you read this even though I'm far from you. I'll see you soon LOVE. "
little dora
College of Arts and Sciences

UE Manila

"Parallel Line"

"Years passed and I still remember the moment I saw you standing in the corner waiting for me. Your smell, your eyes and your smile.*urgh* I miss them. My eyes are longing to see you again. I still uttering your name every night and every day. Yes. This is a one-sided, that there’s no way you’ll look at me more than just a friend.

You told me you had a Best friend, and she is you ex lover. Some people may say that past lovers can’t be friends anymore, and if they are, it is either because they did not love each other, or they still love each other. So this makes me at rage. I stalked your "best friend's" accounts and I found out that you were still going out somewhere for a date. You are also exchanging iloveyou's... I don’t know what should I act. I get insecure.. she's beautiful, a scholar and a lasallian... and I? I’m just an ordinary warrior can fight for what I deserved but this one.. I cant and every time i try, You're pushing me away.. you’re still all locked up in that little world of yours & every time I try knocking on the door, you just look for a second & go right back inside.

You only wanted me around because I’m an escape when something goes wrong between your "bestfriend". but now things have changed, we grew up and apart, but you’ll always have a special spot in my heart. I've been really finding it hard to move on, but I promise, I will try to figure out the way out of this labyrinth. For now I guess I know what the first step is - to stop dwelling in it."
Baby T
College of Business Administration

2010 UE Manila

For DLSU Bashers

"I honestly don't get people who seemingly fucking brag or complain about the fact that they only chose DLSU because they failed Ateneo and/or UP. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, we all know that is indeed the case most, if not all the time. Some people chose to study here because they flunked UPCAT and ACET; La Salle's just their back up plan.

But what ticks me off the most is how some people just cannot afford to keep their pie holes shut about how much they hate La Salle and everything about it, and then they compare our school to Ateneo or UP. Note that I have nothing against the two schools though. I just think all the bashing on our school is uncalled for. There's a fine line between giving constructive criticism and being just a plain, unfiltered fucker.

If you people hate La Salle so much then why don't you just fucking drop out or something? And most of these people act pa it's as if utang na loob pa ng school sakanila that they made the decision at pinili nila to be here.

Well, guess what? There are people out there who would do anything and everything just to be in your position and they are far more willing and deserving to be in this university than you.
Y'all could at least try to show some love or appreciation. I'm sure that won't hurt."


CLA 113