Thursday, July 2, 2015


She wants to be a doctor someday and I want to be a lawyer. We are best friends but not the typical one. We seldom talk. We don't see that much, in fact, we've never seen each other since graduation. And, I don't know how our friendship continuous this well.
I just can't explain how thankful I am to be her best friend, her guy best friend. Thankful not because of relationship matters but because she has that personality which really fits mine She is the one in our friendship who always understands, understands whenever when I'm in a bad mood. She always understands whenever I was too lazy to reply and will just seen zone her. She's a better friend to me than I am to her and I feel guilty whenever I think of that and I hope every single day I can be better to deserve her friendly care and love.
She may not be that kind of girl who has the potential of being by first girlfriend but she's the girl who deserves a big part in my heart.
Mike Enriquez
Faculty of Arts and Letters

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hey, What's Up?

 Hey, what's up?

The moment we met at that coffee shop, I knew we'd be great friends. I finally met someone with the same interests as I do and all that. (I also heard you were a cool friend, so.)

We agreed, once upon a time, that if things didn't work out the way we wanted it, we'd stay friends.

(Cue wistful sighing.)

I found a post the other day, of how the mere fact that one talks to someone daily, sort of makes attachments? I think that happened to me. I don't know. I did warn you before that I get attached easily, that I have an addictive and obsessive personality.

I thought it was over, after that last meeting. That despite the promises of ""next time"", I knew you weren't coming back. But then you texted me again, during the weeklong break. Just for a day, before your brother found out.

I never did know what happened after that. I wanted to ask: did you get in trouble for it? But, well, I didn't want to seem clingy.

I just want to let you know that I wrote this not in the hopes that you'll find it (which I doubt, you probably don't lurk in these parts), but in the hopes that I could finally leave this all behind me. As it is, I'm still quite stuck.

It's probably not love, what I'm feeling. It's much too soon for that. (So why did it hurt when you said ""without emotional investment""? I don't know either.) But it's something. Maybe.

My friends tell me I should cut off all ties with you, but I can't seem to bring myself to. I mean, how could I check your wall if I unfriended you? (Fine, so I may have clicked on your page once...a day. At the least.)

So, there. Wherever you are, I hope you're happy.

PS. Sorry about the missed call and text a few Fridays ago. I was slightly tipsy. But then again, you never replied so who cares anyway.

PPS. Your birthday's coming up, and I'm still debating whether I should message you or something. In case I don't, happy 22nd on the 22nd. Go get drunk or something, it's fun.

PPPS. I chose to put your year and college instead, had you stayed here."

University of the Philippines Diliman

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I sacrificed everything for you. And just like that everything we had was gone. Why? I saw you at your worst but still, I loved you anyway. Why? I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me. But I know that if I had the chance, I wouldn't do it. I miss you and I hate myself for that. Every single thing you did that bothered me, is every single thing I miss. Why? You had my time, you had everything I have, you had my trust and loyalty, you had everything that a perfect guy can give to his girl, but why? Why I am not enough for you!
Broken guy
Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS)
FEU Manila

Friday, June 5, 2015

Looking For Love

"Is it just me or UP as an institution, in general, lacks the environment that nurtures the free-spirit tendencies of students like me ? I mean, I used to think that if there is an institution that would cater to individuals who are not afraid to take the road that is less traveled by or individuals who don't necessarily go with the flow and take risks, it must be UP. Unfortunately, my discourse with the UP community for the past 4 years tells a different story. In a Philosophy I class, I am obviously abhorred by majority of my classmates because I have these ideas that are in conventional, if not unusual. (I mean, hello? this is a Philo class, get out of your shells!) I, of course, notice other people who make different kinds of faces when I start to recite. Even my friends don't actually get me: They always ask me if I have a problem with authorities.. which to me, is totally a misinterpretation of me and my ideas because for God's sake, I actually think that I am an obedient son of my parents.
The exams in UP are totally designed for you to think inside the box. I, once tried to be super critical of the True/False portion of an exam, and man, of course, I failed it! Even the essay portion of exams is not a space for you to reason out, rather, it is a space for you to recall ,quite in detail, the relevant points in those set of slides in that heavily-worded Power Point that was sent to you by your Professor a week before the exam. And, of course, who ever said that asking questions to the professor is totally fine is crazy, I mean, come on, students nowadays think that asking questions is equivalent to being EPAL. Even UP Politics is definitely a reflection of the 'zeitgeist' of UP. Students vote for their friends->connections -> Parties->affiliations, no wonder, power, at least, in this university (and much worse, the nation) is controlled by those parties with well established resources and voting base. So much for setting up platforms, at the end of the day, it will not win you the race.
I still think though that there are of course other UP students who are alienated like me. I might actually be in the wrong college (I mean, again? 
smile emoticonhaha..) Proof: ABSTAIN got a lot of votes in the College of Science, such balls, right? haha.. So, yeah, if you feel the same way and you are a girl, then, this is totally unexpected, but can we date before this semester ends? Haha.. I am actually looking for love.. smile emoticon

Looking for love,2010,
Public Administration and Governance
UP DIliman

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trying Hard English Major

I'm a freshmen student .And I enrolled as education major in English. I'm not good in English, I found grammar very hard.I just want to ask if how could I improved myself in terms of English. I choose major in english because I'm trying hard to learn English I want to be good ,but many times I failed. Seriously ,I'm­ nervous whenever our teacher asks us about writing an essay . Honestly ,I'm not good in writing especially grammar I don't knowhow to correct, and also I'm not sure if where was wrong in my grammar .But I really wants to improved .To all education courses major in English! How could I improve my grammar smile emoticon please I'm nervous to upcoming of our class cause I'm not good in English.But, I choose this because I want to learn

PS: it's okay to correct my grammar

College of Education
Polytechnic University of the Philippines


Been seeing a goddamn lot of Forevermore bullshit on my newsfeed every night. Please stop posting forevermore pweh statuses because not all your friends want to see those updates for godsake! We don't fucking care about what’s happening, we don't fucking care if Liza and Enrique are fucking in that teleserye garbage so shut your vulvas and just concentrate on watching that shit! Now Forevermore shit is done thanks God but soon Pangako Sayo statuses are coming. ��

Pissed guy
Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS)
Far Eastern University Manila

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hi Andi

Hi Andi,
I met you almost a year ago through omegle with a simple usual chat. We went on skype but you gave your Andi account and I naively used my real account. It ended talking around 3AM already. We kept in touch the morning after.
We met the Monday after that. On most afternoons, puwede akong mag Honda (On the dot) alis sa (I can leave the) office. But on that afternoon, my boss stayed until 6pm, when we were supposed to meet at 6pm as well. I was running late and you decided to go home. I insisted that we still meet, now at your condo common area. Due to persistence, we did, and we had the most amazing chat. We talked so transparently and candidly like we knew each other already for a very long time. I invited you to dinner and we talked even some more. That was the most amazing conversation I ever had.
We went to Luneta Park to watch the dancing fountains and get bitten by mosquito. We went to Mindanao to join a festival. We ate at every restaurant that we could find at Zomato. We played badminton. We tried everything new together. And our sweet conversation never ended since that fateful night at Omegle. And I loved you ever since.
-Han SOM
Batch 2013
Ateneo de Manila University